GLORIFYING TERRORISM….Terrorists killed 3,000 people in the United States on 9/11. We responded with the Patriot Act.

Terrorists killed a few dozen people in Great Britain on 7/7. Tony Blair’s government is responding with legislation that would outlaw the “glorification” of terrorism:

Any individual who glorifies terrorism could be prosecuted and any organisation that provides succour and support to terrorism could be added to a list of banned organisations.

It will not be a crime to glorify an event that happened more than 20 years before, unless it is on a list drawn up by the Home Secretary.

….The Home Office said: “Events which are still felt to be raw will be contained in an order attached to the Bill. For example, in 20 years people may still feel that September 11 or July 7 were events that still ought not to be glorified.

“Some examples which have been put forward of events that might not qualify for inclusion are the Easter Uprising or the French Revolution.”

The French Revolution “might not” qualify! Does that mean it might? That would do wonders for EU harmony, wouldn’t it?

Thank God for the First Amendment. One has to wonder: is this really something that Tony Blair wants to leave as his legacy? A government right to decide which events his citizens are allowed to praise and which ones they aren’t?

Chris Bertram has a collection of events over at Crooked Timber, and he wants to know which ones belong on the list and which ones don’t. Head on over and help him out.