NORTH KOREA….Is it just me, or has the blogosphere been remarkably silent about the breakthrough in talks with North Korea? Granted, the devil is in the details, and there’s no telling whether the vague statements in today’s agreement will translate quickly into a detailed and verifiable treaty that includes full denuclearization. But still. It’s pretty big news for a blogosphere that’s generally obsessed with stuff like this.

Question: Does Condi Rice have anything to do with the change in the U.S. direction? This story says she was “in close contact all weekend with the chief U.S. negotiator.” Was she able to convince George Bush to agree to a nonagression pact where Colin Powell wasn’t?

What do the neocons think of this? Are they pissed?

Are conservative bloggers avoiding the story because they don’t want to admit that Bush caved in on issues he said he would never cave in on? Are liberal bloggers avoiding it because, after all, it will be a considerable success for the Bush administration if it pans out?

Where’s the chatter?

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