PIGSKIN UPDATE….Speaking of liberal elitism, I’m off to the living room to root against Notre Dame for a few hours. For my conservative readers, I hasten to add that there is no anti-Catholic animus at work here. It is merely that Notre Dame is evil and must be crushed.

Oh, and cheating by not mowing the grass will get them nowhere. Touchdown Jesus would not be proud of them for that. It’s going to be USC by 20 points.

HALFTIME UPDATE: Hmmm. Touchdown Jesus seems to think that third down penalties are the key to keeping His team in contention. Gotta work on that in the second half. Keeping the ball in play for more than three downs at a time would help too.

FINAL UPDATE: Oh man oh man oh man oh man….

Am I the only one who almost had a heart attack? Probably not. What a finish.