BLOG TELEPATHY….In what can only be described as a scary development, Matt Yglesias has now written two posts in two days that I was going to write myself but didn’t. I mean, they’re practically word for word what I intended to say. Does this mean that I’m secretly controlling Matt’s brain?

Anyway, the first one is here, a comment on an LA Times story about shrinking worker compensation in America. I would only add my (usual) comment that executives who complain about the high cost of labor in the United States compared to, say, China, are surprisingly silent about the high cost of executive talent in the United States compared to, say, China.

The second one is here, and it concerns Jacob Weisberg’s bizarre Slate thumbsucker in which he preemptively suggests there’s no evidence of wrongdoing in the Plame case simply because Patrick Fitzgerald hasn’t released any of his evidence yet.

I haven’t decided what post I’ll force Matt to unknowingly write tomorrow, but I’ll give it some thought. It’s a real labor saver.

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