CRONYISM UPDATE….The Wall Street Journal reports that if Patrick Fitzgerald hands down indictments in the Valerie Plame case this week, George Bush will probably be forced to shake up the White House Staff. But there’s a fly in the ointment:

If Mr. Bush has to make such decisions, his choices could be complicated by the possibility that White House chief of staff Andrew Card might want a new post. Mr. Card has been chief of staff for Mr. Bush’s entire first term and one year of his second ? an unusually long stint in a very stressful job. Mr. Card is thought to be interested in the Treasury secretary’s job, when and if John Snow decides to step down.

Well, I’m interested in that job too. But aside from being a Democrat, there’s also the minor problem that I have no relevant experience. Neither does Card.

I don’t imagine that a PhD in economics is required to be Treasury Secretary, but shouldn’t the nominee have at least a wee bit of experience in finance or business? The closest Card has come has been a stint as a lobbyist for the auto industry.

If Card wants a reward for long and faithful service, I’d be happy to see him appointed as ambassador to some pleasant and reasonably important country. But Treasury Secretary? Please.