LIBBY GONE….CNN reports that Scooter Libby submitted his resignation this morning. It was accepted.

The text of the indictment is here.

Fox says that Fitzgerald was planning to indict Karl Rove, but Rove’s lawyer produced last-minute evidence that made him back off and decide to continue investigating.

Chris Wallace says, after reading the entire indictment, that Fitzgerald has a “very strong case.” Seems that way to me too. Libby appears to have constructed an extensive and premeditated set of lies designed to conceal from the grand jury what really happened. Dumb.

Will it go to trial? A trial would almost certainly require testimony from Cheney, Rove, Miller, Russert, Ari Fleischer, etc. Will Libby agree to a plea in order to prevent this from happening?

The Wall Street Journal has a continuously updated timeline of today’s events here.

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