SUPER DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME….Jim Lindgren likes the idea of daylight lasting long into the evening, and thus favors “Double Daylight Saving time in the summer and single Daylight Saving time in the winter.”

Piker. I propose that we change our clocks every two months in order to keep sundown around 8 or 9 pm all year around. I call this “Kevin Daylight Savings Time.” I know that many of you have a knee jerk dislike of sunrise being postponed until noon during the winter, and my friend with the watch collection would sure find it annoying, but I think it would be great. Mornings are a grim time anyway, and daylight is wasted on them.

Alternatively, after I win the lottery, I suppose I could simply move north and south every couple of months, always living in a spot where the sun goes down late at night. I could have mansions in Stockholm, Newport Beach, Fiji, and Melbourne.

Now I just need to win the lottery.

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