FIGHTING ALITO….Marshall Wittman has the clearest statement I’ve seen yet about the motivations behind the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court:

The Alito nomination is evidence that Mr. Rove is once again riding high in the saddle. The Rovian solution to all of the Administration woes is to give a hot-button treat to the base and attempt to trick the Democrats into alienating swing traditionalist values voters. Meanwhile, folks will ask, “Scooter who?”.

The politics of polarization has been the governing philosophy of the Bushies. It got them re-elected and it is the only way they know to govern. With this understanding, the Alito nomination makes complete sense.

That seems right to me. But does this mean that liberals should choose a smarter, lower key strategy to opposing Alito than the usual nuclear war model? Maybe. Any ideas?

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