ROVE STILL IN DANGER?….For what it’s worth, Dana Milbank and Carol Leonnig report that Karl Rove may still be in significant jeopardy:

Two legal sources intimately familiar with Fitzgerald’s tactics in this inquiry said they believe Rove remains in significant danger. They described Fitzgerald as being relentlessly thorough but also conservative throughout this prosecution ? and his willingness to consider Rove’s eleventh-hour pleading of a memory lapse is merely a sign of Fitzgerald’s caution.

….Another warning sign for Rove was in the phrasing of Friday’s indictment of Libby. Fitzgerald referred to Rove in those charging papers as a senior White House official and dubbed him “Official A.” In prosecutorial parlance, this kind of awkward pseudonym is often used for individuals who have not been indicted in a case but still face a significant chance of being charged.

I don’t know if this strikes me as especially convincing, but I thought I’d pass it along.

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