A QUESTION….From The Corner:

The Senate showdown gives us some idea of what it would look like if the Boy Scouts tried to take on the mafia.

Um, OK, but which side is the Boy Scouts and which side is the mafia? And do you really want to answer that question?

On a tactical level, by the way, this seems like it was a pretty canny move on Reid’s part. I don’t think relations between the parties can get much worse, so there’s probably no harm done on that score. On the other hand, it does force the media’s attention back on the intelligence scandal, and does it in a way that probably seems pretty reasonable to neutral observers: by asking only that Pat Roberts and the Senate Intelligence Committee conduct the investigation into manipulation of prewar intelligence that they promised to conduct all along. Roberts and the Republicans really don’t have a very good explanation for their obstruction on this, and the Libby indictment makes this the perfect time to make a big deal out of it. The public is primed and ready.

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