SONY SPYWARE….A few days ago Michael Hiltzik blogged about a piece of spyware on Sony music CDs that gets secretly installed on your PC if you play one of their disks on your computer. I didn’t link to it at the time, but it’s a pretty unbelievable story that’s worth a click. Go take a look.

Today, Michael O’Hare follows up the story, and it’s now so bad that he thinks we have to make up a whole new word just to describe it:

We need a new, short pithy word for “unbelievable! no, it’s really, completely unbelievable!” I’m tired of saying the phrase and others like it, but it seems lately I have to every time I look at a newspaper. UNOIRCU? Unwarkoo…

This story is too good to try to summarize, so go read both links to see what’s going on. It’s a train wreck of epic proportion.

But maybe there’s a silver lining, because if there’s any justice in the world ? admittedly an iffy proposition ? Sony will get hit by a class action lawsuit so big it will make even tobacco company executives blink. And this might ? might! ? persuade other music/movie/television/etc. companies to try to avoid their own extinction by calling a truce in their increasingly desperate war against their own consumers.

Then again, maybe not, especially in an industry in which “new business model” seems to be a more feared concept than “extinction.” Sony shareholders take note.