PRO-CHOICE AT THE FCC….That was quick. Just weeks after the publication of this piece in support of an a la carte cable system (which would require cable companies to let customers select individual channels, instead of being forced to pay for entire packages), FCC chair Kevin Martin has officially come out in favor of a la carte.

Actually, Martin has been inching this way for a while ? thanks largely to pressure from social conservatives, who, understandably, don’t see why they have to pay for MTV to get the Disney Channel ? but it’s still significant that he’s made it official, since it adds to the pressure on Congress to act. Looks like more and more people are recognizing that the best way to give parents control over what their kids see ? not to mention giving everyone a break from skyrocketing cable bills ? is to actually give consumers the power of choice.

And yes, I think I can survive without the Oxygen Network.

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