SUNDAY’S NEWS….Today, the Washington Post revisits the story of Khaled Masri, a German citizen who was arrested, beaten, and imprisoned by the CIA for five months because his name was similar to that of an actual terrorist. Turns out he’s just an ordinary schmoe.

Meanwhile, the New York Times tells us that security at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan is so bad that genuinely dangerous al-Qaeda members held there can pick the locks on their cells and sneak out through the fence.

Finally, the Los Angeles Times confirms last week’s Telegraph story that private contractors are shooting “scores” of Iraqis just for the hell of it and pretty much doing it with impunity.

And of course the black sites in Eastern Europe are still operational, Dick Cheney still opposes the torture bill, the insurgency still appears to be quite a long way from being in its last throes, and the pope has decided that gays are officially pariahs in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Have a nice day!

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