I GUESS THE GLASS CEILING REALLY DOES START AT HOME….Jeanine Pirro has been something of a disaster in the first couple of months of her senatorial campaign against Hillary Clinton, and pressure is building for her to abandon the race and run for attorney general instead. Today, the New York Post reports that the man behind the groundswell urging her to drop out is….Albert Pirro, Jeanine’s husband. Apparently he hatched the plan with the help of Governor George Pataki and state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno:

The stunning effort to convince Jeanine Pirro to drop out began after “Albert Pirro asked Bruno to do it,” a Pataki aide said.

A source close to Bruno said Albert Pirro had actually relayed his views to Steve Boggess, secretary of the Senate and a key Bruno political aide.

Either way, Al Pirro’s move was without his wife’s knowledge, amazed sources said.

Damn. Looks like Jeanine married beneath herself.

Via KC Johnson.

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