LA TIMES OP-ED REVIEW….To my considerable surprise, the normally smarmy Joel Stein actually has a good column in the LA Times today. It’s about Johnny Knoxville, his new film The Ringer, and whether or not it’s OK to make jokes at the expense of people with mental disabilities. If, like me, you’ve been feeling vaguely guilty for thinking that the ads for The Ringer look pretty funny, read the column.

Elsewhere on the Times op-ed page, I came face-to-face with an op-ed by Paul Wolfowitz extolling the virtues of free trade, and it really drove home one of the big problems with having Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank: how do you deal with the cognitive dissonance of agreeing with him? I mean, roughly speaking, I’m in favor of free trade. On the other hand, Wolfowitz’s record of being wrong about everything is almost unparalleled. So should I stick with my belief that free trade is good, or should I remember that Wolfowitz is always wrong and review my premises?

Decisions, decisions….

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