MORE NSA PROBLEMS?….Russ Tice is a former employee of DIA and NSA who reported in 2001 that a coworker might be a Chinese spy. After Tice pressed his concerns, NSA declared him mentally unbalanced, reassigned him to clean cars in the motor pool, and eventually revoked his security clearance. He was fired last year.

Today the Washington Times reports that Tice has written letters to Congress claiming that he has knowledge of illegal activity carried out by NSA:

“I intend to report to Congress probable unlawful and unconstitutional acts conducted while I was an intelligence officer with the National Security Agency and with the Defense Intelligence Agency,” Mr. Tice stated in the Dec. 16 letters, copies of which were obtained by The Washington Times.

….The activities involved the NSA director, the NSA deputies chief of staff for air and space operations and the secretary of defense, he stated.

Tice is either a genuine whistleblower or else he’s a genuine screwball. But the only way to find out is for Congress to investigate. Will they?

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