FRIDAY ROUNDUP….Hmmm, it’s Friday night. Things should be slow. Let’s take a jog around the newspapers.

At the Washington Post we learn that the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service says ? couched in suitably bureaucratic language, of course ? that President Bush is indeed wrong to assert that he can do anything he wants because we’re at war. Illegal is illegal.

The New York Times reports that the administration has known for a couple of years that better body armor would have saved hundreds of American lives in Iraq but did nothing about it. Too expensive, I guess.

The Times also reports that Tom DeLay is toast. “Rightly or wrongly, Mr. DeLay is seen as the public face of Washington,” says Representative Jeff Flake of Arizona, though no explanation is forthcoming for Flake’s peculiar assertion that “wrongly” is actually a reasonable option here.

Finally, Knight Ridder passes along the undoubtedly shocking news that the Bush administration “has been more lenient toward mining companies facing serious safety violations, issuing fewer and smaller major fines and collecting less than half of the money that violators owed.” The going rate for killing a man is apparently now $440.

Not bad for a Friday evening.