MORNING CRANKINESS….Things that bug me:

  • “Link rich” commentary. This code word usually indicates that instead of taking the trouble to write a persuasive and coherent post, the author has simply done a search of Google News and linked to everything he could find.

  • Full page ads covering up entire sites. The New York Times has long done this for individual articles, and now Slate and the Los Angeles Times are doing this on their home pages. Before long, the only paper I’m going to read will be the Washington Post, and this decision will have nothing to do with the quality of their journalism.

  • Daily updates from bloggers who think I need an email reminding me of every post they write. I don’t. Just knock it off, OK?

  • Bloggers who continue to blog about New York Times op-eds available only via TimesSelect. If you really want the Times to realize how pissed off you are about TimesSelect, then quit linking to them.

That is all. Normal non-cranky blogging will resume shortly.

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