JUDICIAL ACTIVISM….The Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government has no right to block a state law permitting physician-assisted suicide. The vote was 6-3, and John Roberts joined Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas in the dissent. As E.J. Graff says:

It’s very interesting to see that Scalia and Thomas are so quickly willing to desert Rehnquist’s federalist revolution (i.e., the Rehnquist court’s signature determination to shift power away from the federal government and back to the states), and that Roberts too has no interest in it. My guess is that Alito would have made the decision 5-4.

Federalism is at least a principled conservative position on which reasonable people can disagree. But the current crop of “conservative” justices is more interested in figuring out excuses to impose their own version of morality on the rest of us than they are in any meaningful application of conservative principle. I eagerly await thundering editorials from the right inveighing against judicial activism.