CIRCULAR FIRING SQUADS, CALIFORNIA STYLE….Progressives who lament the perpetually fractured and self-destructive behavior of national Democrats always have at least one place to look to cheer themselves up a bit: California Republicans. From today’s LA Times:

Republican activists disenchanted with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Thursday that they will try to strip the governor of the party’s endorsement unless he fires his new chief of staff, Democrat Susan P. Kennedy.

….”We’ve gotten to the point where we’ve just had it with the guy,” said Michael Schroeder, an attorney from Corona del Mar and a former chairman of the California Republican Party. “It’s become clear that he’s no longer pursuing a Republican agenda.”

Funny thing, though: it sure is easy to see how destructive this behavior is when other people do it, isn’t it? I mean, don’t they realize that California is a liberal state and an ideologically pure conservative has exactly zero chance of winning a statewide election? What a bunch of nitwits.

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