CLEARING THE AIR….Over at The Corner, Rod Dreher writes about Margaret Keliher, the top county executive for Dallas:

I asked Judge Keliher yesterday why she, as a conservative Republican, has gotten active to fight industry for cleaner air….She replied that for one thing, it’s about health, and health-care costs. For another, it’s about creating a good business climate ? companies don’t want to move to a region that’s got bad air and the health problems that go with it. And then there’s the family values thing ? Judge Keliher said that she’s tired of seeing little children around here having to run to the sidelines during soccer games to use their inhalers. All of these are ways to think about the environment that resonate with conservative Republican voters.

My first instinct was to make fun of this, but I guess I’ll resist. If “family values” and “good for business” are the code phrases that will convince conservatives to get serious about clean air, then count me in. Once they’re used to it, maybe we can start talking about global warming too. That’s not so good for kids or businesses either.