TAKE IT BACK….Charles Pierce has this to say about James Carville and Paul Begala’s new book, Take It Back: Our Party, Our Country, Our Future

C&B have some very good policy recommendations, as well as some very bad ones….

In a 1,300-word review, though, this is the last we hear about their policy recommendations.

I realize that it’s currently fashionable to believe that policy doesn’t matter for liberals because liberals aren’t in power right now, but it’s discouraging that this view seems to have become damn near universal on the left. Pierce’s review may be amusing in places ? though only to people who already get the joke and hate Carville and Begala to begin with ? but if we don’t start caring about policy again, the next Democratic president is going to be precisely the kind of triangulator that Pierce claims to despise. Would it really have killed him to spend a few lousy paragraphs telling us what Take It Back is actually about?

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