IS CHARLES LOGAN A REPUBLICAN?….A few days ago a reader threatened to report me to Glenn Reynolds unless I cleared up an important issue that I brought up last Sunday: Is Charles Logan a Republican?

Logan, of course, is the hapless president of the United States currently on offer from the producers of 24. As we all know, he was formerly vice president Charles Logan until the untimely destruction of Air Force One in Season 4, so the question of his party affiliation boils down to this: Was John Keeler a Republican?

The basic argument goes like this. The president during Seasons 1-3 was David Palmer, and we know for a fact that Palmer was a Democrat. In Season 3, Palmer is running for reelection and part of the plot involves a debate against his opponent, John Keeler. Later in the show, for reasons that need not detain us, Palmer pulls out of the race and Keeler wins the presidency. Occam’s Razor suggests that if Palmer is a Democrat, and Keeler was running against him, then Keeler ? and Logan ? are Republicans.

Unless ? it was a primary debate. Perhaps, as in 1980, a prominent Democrat decided to challenge a sitting president. After all, would Palmer really pull out of a race against a Republican opponent? Doesn’t it make more sense that he’d do that against a fellow Democrat?

On the other hand, no sitting president would deign to debate a primary opponent. And in Season 4 there’s a reference from the daughter of Keeler’s Secretary of Defense to a Heritage Foundation meeting, clearly a Republican hangout.

But then there’s Mike Novick. If Palmer was a Democrat and Logan is a Republican, how did Novick manage to worm his way into both men’s staffs? And what’s with Palmer’s suggestion that he had been “frozen out” of the Logan administration? That doesn’t even make sense unless Logan is a Democrat and Palmer expected to retain a bit of influence with him.

Perhaps a bit of Googling could clear this up, but I figured I’d throw it out for comments instead. I think it’s pretty clear that Logan is a Republican, but perhaps there’s further evidence on this score that I’ve missed due to my lazy TV-watching habits. What say you?