THE META-CHENEY NARRATIVE….Honestly, I don’t think the story about Dick Cheney’s shooting accident is any big deal. Good for some late night laughs, but that’s it.

Except, as Steve Benan summarizes, that the White House response to the incident has been so willfully bizarre: they made no announcement, apparently got special treatment from local authorities, and were unable to answer even simple questions about what happened at today’s press briefing.

Now, 48 hours after the shooting, Cheney still hasn’t talked to the press or even issued a statement saying he feels terrible about what happened, but he has released a statement saying that after learning he didn’t have the right permit for shooting quail he has “sent a 7 dollar check to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which is the cost of an upland game bird stamp.”

Can this episode get any more ridiculous? The Veep’s office can’t rouse itself to say even a single word about what happened, but somehow they have the time to assure us that Cheney is good for the seven bucks he failed to pay for an upland game bird stamp? Are they trying to cement his reputation as a callous and scary reactionary, or what?

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