DARTH CHENEY….From Byron York over at NRO:

So far, the vice president seems determined not to make any public statement about the hunting accident. Spokeswoman McBride points out that Cheney has a previously-scheduled speaking engagement this Friday, at the Wyoming state legislature. It seems likely that he would at least mention it then. But as far as today, tomorrow, or Thursday goes, there seems, at the moment at least, to be no plan to have Cheney say anything.

This is just flat out insane. What on earth is he thinking?

There’s still nothing from the man himself, but a few minutes ago the VP’s office finally issued a terse and bureaucratic statement saying that Cheney had been passed a note about Harry Whittington’s post-shooting heart attack and “stood ready to assist.” The statement ends with a pro forma declaration that “The Vice President said that his thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Whittington and his family.”

This is now way beyond bizarre. Does the White House think that reinforcing the VP’s “Darth Cheney” image is helpful in some way? That it’s better if the world thinks he’s callous and insensitive? Or what?

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