THE USUAL SUSPECTS….The full Media Matters report on the composition of Sunday talk shows should be available on their site before I wake up on Tuesday, but in the meantime I thought I’d highlight an interesting tidbit. One of the things they note is that although 23% of senators voted against the Iraq war resolution, only 11% of the senators who appeared on the Sunday shows before the invasion were anti-war. Why did the anti-war side get shunned so badly by the talk shows?

I suspect the chart on the right contains the answer. Aside from documenting the insane love affair that Sunday hosts have with John McCain, it shows that eight of the ten most popular Sunday talkers were senators and every single one of them voted for the war resolution. The reason that anti-war senators didn’t get much air time was just simple laziness: the talk show bookers kept booking their favorites regardless of what was happening in the outside world and regardless of whether that meant they were shortchanging their viewers. They were on autopilot.

So here’s a note to the Sunday show bookers: Maybe you should try to reach out more often to senators other than John McCain and Joe Biden. Aren’t you a little bored with them anyway?

UPDATE: The full Media Matters report is here.