CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM UPDATE….I thought I had some modestly encouraging news for Californians this morning, but then I got this email about the campaign finance legislation that I wrote about earlier today:

I work for one of the Democrats in the State Assembly who voted for Loni Hancock’s bill. It’s true that many Republicans hate it ? the idea of their tax dollars helping elect a pro-choice candidate makes them sick ? but the sad truth is that many Democrats dislike it too. The only reason Ms. Hancock’s legislation passed is because it was essentially gutted, turned into no more than intent language. In its current form it does nothing, and my guess is it never will.

Why would so many Dems be against this idea? Deep pocket interests have a lot to do with it. Liberal Dems listen to unions, tribes, and consumer attorneys, while moderates (who hold more sway than most Californians think) kowtow to insurance, big corporate, and chambers of commerce. All these groups have a good thing going, and are scared that “clean money” could screw it up.

Sigh. If there are any California policy wonks out there who can shed some more light on this, comments are open.

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