Filling The Gap

Insightful commenter “nut” writes,

This is a remarkable moment.

Amy writes a column without mentioning basketball or exhorting Democrats to be religious nuts.

We can’t have that. Over at the great basketball blog, True Hoop, Henry Abbott notes the political contributions of several NBA players and owners. Unsurprisingly, 100% of the unlovable Karl Malone’s contributions have gone to Republicans. Good guys Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, on the other hand, have given only to Democrats. What’s genuinely surprising is that NBA Commissioner David Stern has contributed nearly $800,000 exclusively to Democrats. I’m just musing here, but if the Commish is so interested in politics, why not draft him to run for office? He’s savvy and likable, he’s managed a fantastically successful, racially integrated enterprise, and Jordan and Barkley could stump for him. Why not?

More: In comments, Mark Schmitt mentions Adonal Foyle, and, in all seriousness, Foyle is the model of an athlete who uses his position to make a difference in politics.

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