Having A Plan

My unimpeachable sources at the Powerline relate this development.

It’s happening already. Waiters at New York City restaurants are starting to introduce themselves to customers by saying, ?I?m a blogger–I?m just doing this while I wait for my big break.?

On the one hand, this is crazy. As the article apparently goes on to say,

While blogging is showing profit potential for consultants prospecting for new business and savvy marketers creating customer dialogues, the vast majority of citizen publishers aren?t making enough from their efforts to even pay for their Internet connection.

But it’s not completely crazy. The happy finger of chance has picked out a few people, almost at random, and made them a pile of money or given them nice, if not cushy, blogging gigs. Washingtonienne Jessica Cutler signed a book deal for a reported few hundred thousand dollars. The new Wonkette, David Lat, was just some blogger before Gawker decided to employ him. And of course there’s Kevin.

Blogging is still just new enough that there’s no established track to “making it”–do something interesting, and you might land a full-time gig, and maybe rub elbows with a few minor celebrities too. Yes, the waiters are deluded, but as delusions go, it’s not so bad.

Big Break Update: It seems that on the strength of my brilliant Pie Strategy post, I’ve been named head baker/imam of the Washington Monthly. I now have the power to hold you in contempt. Comment carefully, little people.

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