No One Benefits

Stunning news this morning that an unprescribed antibiotic–one that would have made his high blood pressure medication largely ineffective–was found in Slobodan Milosevic’s system. This is disastrous news for institutions of international justice, since it will be played as murder in a lot of the world. The tribunal maintains that Milosevic was surreptitiously undermining his own treatment because he hoped that ill health and charges of poisoning would be his ticket out of custody and to Moscow, which, one assumes, he hoped wouldn’t hand him over again.

I’m sure that most people in the West, being convinced (rightly, of course) of Milosevic’s perfidy, will quickly believe that this was more likely a form of suicide than murder, but it’s hard to overstate how important it is that the tribunal launch a full investigation, and be able to explain how Mr. Milosevic got the drugs, if indeed he was deliberately taking them.

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