REWRITING HISTORY….What planet do these people come from? Writing about George Bush’s renewed commitment to preemptive war, Cliff May says:

It’s easy to say that if we had left Saddam alone, nothing bad would have happened. But how is that different from what was said for years about Osama bin Laden?

Well, it’s different because absolutely no one ever said that about Osama bin Laden. It’s true that we never took him out, but it wasn’t because no one thought he was dangerous. It was because prior to 9/11 no one ? not Cliff May, not George Bush, not the PNAC hawks ? thought that an invasion of Afghanistan was a justifiable way of doing it.

This comes courtesy of Glenn Reynolds, who nods approvingly and then opines that the “more damaging critique” of Bush isn’t his obvious incompetence in Iraq, it’s the fact that we haven’t also “pressed the war” with Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. That would go well, wouldn’t it?

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