THE CASE OF HAO WU….On February 17, a Chinese blogger and filmmaker named Hao Wu wrote a post about his conflicted feelings on the importance of free speech in China. After arguing all the pros and cons, he finally concluded with this:

What if I have to take a stand then? What if as in my business-school strategy class, there?s a professor who demands a stand from me?….I would forget about the bullet points, forget about analysis, forget about my desire to go with the ?average? Chinese (because I don?t know the ?average? Chinese and my decision has zero influence over the ?average? Chinese?s), and stake my stand based only on me, on what I, as an individual, would want in a democratic society, because that?s the only decision making process capable of making any honest sense to me ? I don?t want to live in a society that doesn?t allow me to express myself freely!

But wait, would that land me in prison?

Answer: yes it would. He was arrested on February 22 and has been held since then without charges. You can read more about the case here.

Via Peking Duck.