CELL PHONES….Somewaterytart on cell phones:

I have this thing where I get really irritated by people who talk on the phone in the computer areas and the library. Because the thing is, everyone can hear them and their stupid conversations. This applies everywhere, really. I admire the employees of the many campus Starbucks locations, who have taken to writing threatening messages to would-be in-line phone users on the chalk boards about how they’ll be refused service (empty threats, of course, but the point is made)….The mini grocery store I stop at for water on my walks with Ciara has a sign taped to the counter that says, “yeah, we all think your cell phone is really neat. Now turn it off.”

Hear hear (so to speak). In fact, speaking of speaking, that’s my real beef with people on cell phones: why do you guys ALWAYS TALK SO LOUD? If cell phone conversations were conducted at normal volumes they wouldn’t be so bad. Cell reception has improved a lot in the past decade, but for some reason cell users don’t quite seem to have figured this out yet.