PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT….Looking for a job? Do you like blogs? The National Journal might be looking for someone just like you:

Job Opening: The Hotline is seeking a staff writer to take over The Blogometer. Applicants must consider themselves regular consumers of political blogs (min. 2 years reading them, also must be a fan of blogs), be familiar with nationally read blogs from across the spectrum; know how to use blog search engines/aggregators (such as Technorati and Memeorandum); be able to quickly analyze and synthesize developments in the news as well as summarize ongoing blog activity with brevity, clarity and accuracy. Excellent writing and time-management skills are also a must. As with every Hotline position, we don’t expect our writers to not have an opinion, we just expect them to keep it out of their work. Interested applicants should send their resumes to

Who said reading blogs isn’t a marketable skill?

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