THE NEWS FROM BAGHDAD….Riverbend watches the news on Iraqi TV:

I was reading the little scrolling news headlines on the bottom of the page…. Suddenly, one of them caught my attention and I sat up straight on the sofa, wondering if I had read it correctly….The line said:

The translation:

?The Ministry of Defense requests that civilians do not comply with the orders of the army or police on nightly patrols unless they are accompanied by coalition forces working in that area.?

That?s how messed up the country is at this point….The situation is so bad on the security front that the top two ministries in charge of protecting Iraqi civilians cannot trust each other. The Ministry of Defense can?t even trust its own personnel, unless they are ?accompanied by American coalition forces?.

Are we making progress in Iraq that the defeatist American media routinely ignores because they’ve been overwhelmed by their single-minded loathing of George Bush? Read the whole thing and decide for yourself.

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