THE SAD STATE OF TODAY’S TEENS….Apparently our educational system really is going down the toilet. Even the creationists are doing a lousy job:

As his students rummage for their notebooks, [biology teacher Al] Frisby introduces his central theme: Every creature on Earth has been shaped by random mutation and natural selection ? in a word, by evolution. The challenges begin at once.

“Isn’t it true that mutations only make an animal weaker?” sophomore Chris Willett demands. ” ‘Cause I was watching one time on CNN and they mutated monkeys to see if they could get one to become human and they couldn’t.”

With all the resources at their disposal, this is the best that high school rabble-rousers can come up with these days? Nothing about the Second Law of Thermodynamics proving that evolution is impossible? Nothing about irreducible complexity? Just some lame question about a CNN show?

I fear that we’re losing our younger generation of creationists. I propose a billion-dollar nationwide intervention program followed up by high stakes testing to ensure that our kids are prepared to talk ID trash at a tenth grade level before they’re exposed to high school biology. This is a disgrace.

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