WORLDCON QUERY….Chad Orzel reports on his diet success:

How big a dork am I? Well, you can see from the graph at left, roughly thirty pounds less of a dork than I was at the beginning of the year.

Bill Hooker responds in comments:

You’re using the wrong units. Dorkiness is measured in units called Trekkies, abbreviated Tk. People who get married in Klingon combat suits are the unit standard for 1.0 Tk.

Speaking of dorkiness, I learned last week that this year’s World Science Fiction Convention is being held right down the road from me in lovely downtown Anaheim. Despite reading science fiction since approximately age 5, I’ve never been to a Worldcon, and part of the reason is that it always seemed like the kind of thing that probably isn’t a lot of fun unless you can tag around with someone who’s a Worldcon veteran and knows what’s what. But Anaheim is certainly convenient. So: who’s going this year? Any advice? Should I buy a membership? Will I learn to write like Connie Willis if I attend?