REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN….Remember the White House Iraq Group? And the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans? Basically, they were organizations designed to sidestep the moldy old national security bureaucracy and market the war with Iraq directly to the American public. And while in retrospect some may have questioned their, um, dedication to precise and sober analysis, you can’t deny they were effective.

Well, guess what? Lawrence Kaplan reports that we now have a similar organization for Iran:

Although a spokesman for the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) declines to comment on its existence, and the press has yet to carry a single mention of it, last month the administration formed something called the Iran-Syria Operations Group (ISOG) ? a group headed by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Liz Cheney, the purpose of which is to encourage regime change in Iran. It’s no secret that Cheney has over $80 million at her disposal to promote democracy in Iran. But ISOG isn’t simply about promoting democracy. It’s about helping to craft official policy, doing so not with one but two countries in its sights, and creating a policymaking apparatus that parallels ? and skirts ? Foggy Bottom’s suspect Iran desk.

Kaplan, for reasons that are obscure, apparently accepts at face value the official explanation that “ISOG has no role to play on security issues, doesn’t coordinate at all with White House efforts against Iran at the United Nations, and confines itself to promoting regime change from within.” Sure it does. That’s why the Vice President’s daughter is in charge of it.

In any case, connect the dots. “Promoting regime change from within” = the Iranian exile community. The Iranian exile community = source of dubious intelligence about Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s nuclear program = excuse to go to war. Why change a winning game plan?

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