TEN COMMANDMENTS….I caught a few minutes of The Ten Commandments last night. Marian thought the production values were cheap, but I had a different complaint: “Why did they cast a guy as Moses who looks like Jesus?” Marian: “Yeah, that was the first thing I thought too.”

OK, so why did they choose to make their Moses look exactly the way Jesus is typically portrayed? Marian and I both noticed the resemblance instantly, so we must not be the only ones. What’s the deal?

And speaking of television, how about 24, huh? Regular readers know that my favorite character this season is President Charles Logan, so I’m glad to see that they’ve decided to transform him from a mouse to the ultimate in insider bad guys. They sure do plow through presidents in a hurry on that show, though, don’t they?

And $40 million for the next three seasons? Nice work, Kiefer.

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