TIGER AND THE PRESS….On Sunday, after blowing half a dozen putts to lose the Masters to Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods said:

As good as I hit it, that’s as bad as I putted and it’s frustrating, because I felt so in control of my ball from tee to green, and once I got on the green I was a spaz.

Didn’t hear about this? Australia’s The Age explains why:

Print outlets Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe all ran reports from which “spaz” had been excised. The Los Angeles Times sidestepped the issue by forcing Tiger to say, “It was frustrating because I felt so in control of my golf ball from tee to green, then when I got on the green, I was a (wreck).”

On the other hand, over a dozen U.S. newspapers used the full quote ? as did British newspapers, which criticized him harshly for his choice of words. Woods apologized on Tuesday.

So: were major U.S newspapers guilty of covering up for a popular sports star? Slaves to PC orthodoxy? Doing the right thing since the word is generally considered offensive by the disabled community? All of the above?