IMMIGRATION POLL….Today’s LA Times poll shows why I don’t really trust polls on immigration. Here are the results:

Basically, sizable majorities seem to be in favor of practically everything, and the numbers are fantastically sensitive to question wording. People are in favor of a wall, in favor of a guest worker program, in favor of a path to citizenship, in favor of greater enforcement, in favor of whatever you ask them about. Or maybe not depending on how you phrase the question.

So take it for what it’s worth. In any case, the poll is also full of good cheer for us liberal types: Democrats are way ahead in the generic congressional ballot; George Bush’s credibility has taken a big hit due to leakgate; Republican congressional unfavorables are high; and Democrats are more trusted on every issue except for national security.

So guess what? Expect a midterm campaign heavily based on national security issues. I hope we’re ready.

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