MALKINITIS….The thing that’s always impressed me about Michelle Malkin is not her unhinged but ultimately fairly commonplace right wing looniness, but rather her keen eye for manufacturing outrage over the most obscure topics imaginable. A few weeks ago, for example, it was outrage over a student council debate about a statue at the University of Washington. Today it’s outrage over a recent piece of standard-issue pabulum from Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa:

Many law-abiding L.A. residents who clean their own toilets took umbrage at Villaraigosa’s McCain-like contempt for self-reliant Americans and his us-vs.-them militancy.

“Law-abiding L.A. residents who clean their own toilets”? What’s that all about? Unsurprisingly, it turns out to be inspired by the latest rant from local talk radio idiots John and Ken, but you’ll have to click the link if you insist on finding out more.

And yes, as usual, there’s a whole “campaign” associated with this.

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