GLOBAL WARMING….Laura Turner on the real issue that prevents conservatives from accepting the reality of global warming:

Thus the condundrum: accepting the reality of climate change is one thing….But accepting that Al Gore was right about climate change, well…hoo… That throws a wrench into the personality-based Republican justification machine.

Yeah, that would be a bitter pill, wouldn’t it? But not to worry: there are plenty of new barricades to erect before conservatives have to swallow it. It may be getting hard to keep up the venerable and much-loved pretense that we still need more study on the question of whether rising CO2 levels are causing global warming, but that doesn’t mean conservatives can’t just switch gears and claim that a bit of warming might actually turn out to be good for us, or that hurting the global economy is too high a price to pay to save Bangladesh, or….well, something. There’s always something, isn’t there, when corporate interests send out their marching orders to the GOP?

And, anyway, we’ve heard this song before. As I recall, the Clean Air Act and the Clear Water Act were supposed to devastate the economy too. How could industry possibly put up with all those burdensome regulations just because rivers were catching fire and kids were dropping dead on football fields in Los Angeles? And yet, the economy did fine. Isn’t capitalism amazing?