REFERENDUM IN IRAQ?….Over at The Corner, Jonah Goldberg is exercising his brain cells:

Here’s an old idea that I’ve been noodling again for a while: Why not let the Iraqis have a referendum on whether US forces should stay? Here are some reasons, off the top of my head, and in no particular order:

[Long list of reasons why a referendum would be a terrific idea.]

I think the referendum would have to be worded carefully and cleverly, and I can think of other problems and benefits, but I think as thought experiment there’s enough here to noodle.

Leaving aside the notion that we’re in any position to “let” the Iraqis have a referendum ? I think it’s more likely we’d have to beg and plead, myself ? what’s the deal with wording it “carefully and cleverly”? Here’s my stab at it:

Do you want all coalition troops to leave the country within the next 12 months? Please answer yes or no.

Is that clever enough? I think so! What’s more, I can’t actually think of any compelling reason to oppose this idea, especially since, unlike Jonah, I think that once the campaign got underway the No votes would carry the day pretty decisively. As any conservative should understand, jingoism is a lot easier to sell in times of fear than prudent policy.

UPDATE: In comments, Wagster points out that I answered my own referendum question incorrectly. My wording wasn’t clever enough, I guess! For the record: I think the Yes votes would carry the day pretty decisively.

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