IDIOTS IN WHITE….The troglodytes who run the All England Club have decided to give the finger to women once again:

Wimbledon has chosen to remain the only Grand Slam not to offer its men’s and women’s champions equal prize money.

The All England Club has unveiled its 2006 prize money with the men’s winner earning ?655,000 compared to the ?625,000 first prize for the women.

This is actually more insulting than in years past, and not just because the French Open recently agreed to equalize men’s and women’s prize money, leaving Wimbledon as the only tennis grand slam to still have unequal prizes. After all, back when the women made half as much as the men, they could at least gin up some hackneyed argument about three sets vs. five, or perhaps suggest that the club just couldn’t afford to equalize the prizes. Or something.

But now the women’s prize is 95% of the men’s prize. That’s such a small difference that they’ve made it plain that this is purely symbolic, a way to demonstrate that nobody’s going to make them do anything they don’t want to do ? and to hell with any woman who doesn’t like it.

What a disgusting gang of neanderthals. If the men had any balls, they’d demand a pay cut.