TOMORROW’S WEATHER: LIGHT SNOW, FOLLOWED BY FRISSON….The Hotline says that tomorrow is probably the day George Bush announces that Tony Snow is his new press secretary:

Quietly, researchers at the White House have examined hundreds of Snow’s radio show transcripts and newspaper columns. They expect the White House press corps, in news articles and at early briefings, to publicly vet Snow, confronting him with his past statements. After the initial frission … opinions differ.

Think Progress has a nice little collection of Snow-isms from recent years if you’re curious to see just what frisson the White House can expect.

It’s hard not to wonder if this is all some kind of weird misdirection from the White House, though. I honestly don’t understand why they’re seemingly so set on Snow. What exactly does he bring to the table that’s so unique?

UPDATE: It’s official. Snow’s appointment will be announced on Wednesday.

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