SPECTER TO GET TOUGH?….Arlen Specter claims that he’s so frustrated over the Bush administration’s refusal to answer questions about the NSA’s domestic spying program that he might actually do something about it:

In a warning to the White House, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) said he planned to introduce legislation that would cut off funds for the surveillance program, which he described as a threat to civil liberties and a violation of domestic espionage laws.

….”What’s the use of passing another statute if the president won’t pay any attention to it?” Specter said. “When you talk about withholding funds, there you’re talking about a real authority.”

I imagine that, as usual, someone from the White House will coo soothing words in Specter’s ears and he’ll back down, but who knows? Maybe this time he’ll demonstrate some spine and do what’s right. A few supportive calls and emails couldn’t hurt. Contact info is here.