OH SAY CAN YOU SCREECH….I’m sure with Atrios on this one:

Of all of the recent fake controversies the Spanish Star-Spangled Banner one was actually the one which put my jaw on the floor and left it there. We are really living in stupid times.

I’m keenly aware that most of the world doesn’t share my fondness for charts and graphs and sober analysis. Swift boaters win a lot more arguments than the Brookings Institution. But the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish? Just how idiotic have we become? It’s enough to make you fear for the future of the Republic.

Needless to say, Michelle Malkin has been right at the epicenter of this particular lunacy. But if you’re interested in a more considered take on the history of our national anthem, Ralph Shaffer and Walter Coombs have a brief rundown in the LA Times today.

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