TURF WARS OR HOOKERS?….Laura Rozen talked today to a friend who covers the White House, and he says the sudden and widespread media agreement that Porter Goss was fired because of a newly discovered turf war with John Negroponte is mostly due to what kind of reporters wrote the initial stories:

My best guess for the groupthink is who’s doin’ the writin’. National security folks […] are going to talk to national security sources and get national security explanations. Sometimes that’s all it takes for this kind of narrative to develop. Daily News and others, though, are going with non-nat/sec sources, and as a result they are getting a different explanation (that may also happen as Congressional correspondents sink their teeth into the story).

Talk to national security sources and they’ll tell you Goss was fired because of national security turf wars. Talk to law enforcement sources and they’ll tell you it was because of hookers. Talk to congressional aides or White House insiders and they’ll give you yet another story.

But it was the national security reporters who wrote the initial stories, so a national security angle is what we got. Wait a few days and the conventional wisdom might change.