THE ESTABLISHMENT AND THE INSURGENCY….Ed Kilgore is Vice President for Policy at the Democratic Leadership Council, so if anyone knows the “DLC position” on stuff, it’s him. Today he goes through the issues list that Atrios posted last night and provides a scorecard. Details are here, but the bottom line is this:

By my rough count this represents something like 80% agreement ? totally aside from the much higher percentage of agreement between left-bent bloggers and the DLC about the vast number of bad policies, terrible politics, and sheer incompetence associated with the Bush administration and the Republican Party.

Now, Atrios’s list doesn’t address national security issues, where the gulf between the DLC and the lefty blogosphere is considerably larger than on domestic issues. (Nor, as I mentioned last night, does it address differences on free trade issues.) It also doesn’t account for the DLC’s longtime advocacy of a more muted tone on hot-button social issues, which is a big deal.

In other words, it’s not all sweetness and light. Still, there’s more in common than you’d expect between the DLC and the liberal blogosphere. It’s worth a look.